Agricultural Science & Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050

作者:Qiguo Zhao, Jikun Huang 2015-05-19 10:59 来源:《创新2050:科学技术与中国的未来》丛书英文版
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本书的主要目的是明确至2050年全球和我国农业发展面临的挑战与机遇,预测我国未来对农业科技的重大需求,提出至2050年我国农业科技领域发展战略目标、分阶段(近期、中期和远期)目标,提出各阶段农业科技发展的主要方向及可突破的重大科学技术问题,形成未来农业科技发展的总体路线图,并提出为实现以上目标所需要的体制、资源、人才等方面的政策建议。报告中的研究内容主要包括:至2050年农业发展展望及对科技需求、中国农业科技总体和分阶段目标及总体路线图、植物种质资源与现代育种科技发展路线图、动物种质资源与现代育种科技发展路线图、资源节约型农业科技发展路线图、农业生产与食品安全科技发展路线图、农业现代化与智能化农业科技发展路线图及未来农业科技发展体制和政策保障。 本报告可作为政府部门、科研机构、大学、企业进行科技战略决策的重要参考,也可供国内外专家、学者研究和参考。 As one of the eighteen field-specific reports comprising the comprehensive scope of thestrategic general report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,this sub-report addresseslong-range planning for developing science and technology in the field of public health.They each craft a roadmap for their sphere of development to 2050.In their entirety,thegeneral and sub-group reports analyze the evolution and laws governing the developmentof science and technology,describe the decisive impact of science and technology on themodernization process,predict that the world is on the eve of an impending S & T revolution,and call for China to be fully prepared for this new round of S & T advancement.Based onthe detailed study of the demands on S & T innovation in Chinas modernization,the reportsdraw a framework for eight basic and strategic systems of socio-economic developmentwith the support of science and technology,work out Chinas S & T roadmaps for the relevanteight basic and strategic systems in line with Chinas reality,further detail S & T initiativesof strategic importance to China’s modernization,and provide S & T decision-makers withcomprehensive consultations for the development of S & T innovation consistent withChinas reality.Supported by illustrations and tables of data,the reports provide researchers,government officials and entrepreneurs with guidance concerning research directions,theplanning process,and investment. Founded in 1949,the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the nation’s highest academicinstitution in natural sciences.Its major responsibilities are to conduct research in basic andtechnological sciences,to undertake nationwide integrated surveys on natural resourcesand ecological environment,to provide the country with scientific data and consultationsfor government’s decision-making,to undertake government-assigned projects with regardto key S & T problems in the process of socio-economic development,to initiate personneltraining,and to promote China’s high-tech enterprises through its active engagement inthese areas.


1 Outlook of Agricultural Development to 2050 and the Demand for Science and Technology
1.1 Outlook for Global Agriculture Development to 2050
1.2 Outlook of Agricultural Development in China to 2050
1.3 Outlook for Demand of Major Agricultural Technology in China to 2050
Main References
2 Roadmap and Goals of Agricultural Science and Technology in China
2.1 The General Goal
2.2 Target Phases
2.3 General Roadmap
3 Roadmap of Plant Germplasm Resources and Modern Plant Breeding Science and Technology Development
3.1 Requirements and Trends for Future Development
3.2 Scientific and Technological Goals
3.3 Roadmap for Scientific Development
Main References
4 Roadmap of Animal Germplasm Resources and Modern Breeding Science and Technology Development
4.1 The Requirements,Significances and Trends of Development
4.2 Biotechnology Development Goals
4.3 Roadmap of the Scientific and Technological Advance
Main References
5 Roadmap of Resource Saving Agricultural Science and Technology Development
5.1 Development Requirement,Significance and Tendency
5.2 Technological Development Goal
5.3 A Roadmap to Technological Development
Main References
6 Roadmap of Agricultural Production and Food Safety Science and Technology Development
6.1 The Demand and Significance of Development
6.2 Status and Trend of Technology Development
6.3 Technology Development Goal
6.4 Technology Development Roadmap
Main Reference
7 Roadmap of Agricultural Modernization and Intelligentization Science and Technology Development
7.1 Development Needs,Significance and Tendency
7.2 The Goal of Scientific Development
7.3 Technological Development Roadmap
8 The Institutions and Policy Support for Agricultural Science and Technology Development in the Future
8.1 Deepen the Reform of Agricultural Science and Technology,Establishing a National Innovation System for Agricultural Science and Technology
8.2 Establish National Agricultural Long-term Technology Investment Mechanism and Improve the Investment Structure of Agricultural Science and Technology
8.3 Train a Large Number of Talents and Innovative Teams,and Enhance the Ability of Independent Innovation of Agricultural Science and Technology
Main References