Information Science & Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050

作者:Yongxiang Lu, Guojie Li 2015-05-19 10:59 来源:《创新2050:科学技术与中国的未来》丛书英文版
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信息科学技术正在发生深刻的跃变,今后20~30年是信息科学技术的变革突破期。本书根据国家战略需求和科学技术发展的宏观规律,对信息科学技术未来40年的发展趋势和我国应选择的重点发展方向,做出了较为理性的战略性综合判断,描绘了我国至2050年信息科技发展路线图,阐述了若干值得重视的观念转变和前瞻思考。 本书有助于广大科技工作者、高校学生和社会公众了解信息科技的发展路线,也可供相关政府部门做决策和规划时参考。


1 Trends of IS&T in the First Half of the 21st Century
1.1 Overall Trends of IS&T
1.2 The Next 20 to 30 Years will be a Period of Transformation and Breakthrough for IS&T
1.3 IT is Entering the Mass Adoption Phase
1.4 IS&T will become the Bond of Various Sciences for Discipline Crossing and Convergence
1.5 Inspiration from the IS&T Strategies of Developed Countries
2 The Strategic Requirements for IS&T in China
2.1 The Status of IS&T Development in China
2.2 Problems and Challenges in the Development of IS&T in China
2.3 Demands for IS&T in China's Economic and Social Development
2.4 Opportunities for Development of IS&T in China
3 Strategic Targets for the IS&T Development
3.1 Overall Objective for the Development of IS&T